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Monday - Saturday10AM - 7PM
Location4413 Broadway (Corner 189ST),New York, NY 10040


& Pedicure

In a normal manicure we condition and trim your cuticals, file your nails, buff your nails, condition them, and paint them nicely. and a pedicure is the same but for your feet.


Choose yours

Here at Creme de la Creme Nails we'll provide you with different packages that will not only save you money but they will also provide you with a VIP treatment like we all deserve.


Just ask for it
A 20 minutes Foot or Hand massage will also be offer to you, to ensure that you're allways in you're confort zone.

The Group

Perfect for big events

When it comes to party's and Celebrations Creme de la Creme Nails also provides a lower cost for each treatment you want in you're.


When applying Acrylic Nails, there is a routine that is important to follow. This routine ensures not only that the Acrylic Nails are applied in the best possible way, but that all necessary hygiene and sanitization processes are followed. It is also helpful as a nail Technician to have this routine to follow as then your work will be at the same standard each time for each client.

Color Gel

Color gel manicure consist of Light Cured Gel polish that provides the stunning, elegant results you seek in a natural look, in any color desire or in french style. Without harmful ingredients. Our light cured products provide a gorgeous, natural look while providing a stronger, longer-lasting nail treatment that actually protects the natural nail and promotes nail growth.

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